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Replacement metal chainguards for your Brompton

Orange 50t chainguard (spider crank)

Fed up replacing broken plastic chainguards on your Brompton folding bike? Want a shiny replacement or a chainguard colour-matched to your bike? Read on…


We have precision engineered laser-cut metal chaninguards to replace the flimsy plastic guard on your Bromption 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee


Our orange colour-matched chainguard fitted to a Brommie Orange edition

We all love our Bromptons (affectionately known as ‘Brommies’) and all round they are brilliant bikes, but that chainguard is one of those little niggles every time it snaps or pings off.

Our replacement guards are specially laser cut for Brompton 44t, 50t and 54t (fixed and spider chainrings) in polished stainless steel or powdercoated aluminium in a range of Brompton colours. All include:

  • stainless steel chainring bolts
  • spacers
  • full fitting instructions.

You’ll be riding your upgraded Brommie about 5 minutes after the postman calls…

Whether you’re adding a touch of class to your newer Brommie, or have snapped or cracked the plastic chain guard one last time – we have the answer! Brompton have stopped making fixed chainring guards, and it was previously the the case that when the plastic chainguard broke on older Bromptons you had no option but to either replace the crank with an expensive spider version, or go without and tolerate the oil stains and mangled trousers…

The question is, what chainguard should I order? Well, that’s simple to sort. In 2013 Brompton changed the chainring design from a fixed cog to a spider design. Not sure which one you have? We can help you with that!

Get your bike and take a look at the crank. If it’s pre-2013 chances are you have a fixed crank. Brompton offer standard chainrings with 44 teeth, 50 teeth and 54 teeth. You could count them, but instead, save yourself some time and look at these photos.

Click on the picture that matches your bike to see the options available: