What are Waitlists?

We keep the most popular Brompton colours in stock. Some products sell faster than we can make them and some colours don’t sell at all! There may be occasions when you can’t find the colour you need. To help, we operate a waitlist scheme: we will make you custom colours to order at no additional cost.

How does it work?

Find the product you need that’s out of stock. Select “join waitlist”. Then simply leave us your email address using the box provided – you don’t need to leave a deposit. When we have 4 people requesting a particular colour we powder coat your products. There’s no obligation: we’ll email you when we’re ready to start production and ask if you’re still interested.

Why don’t Brommiemods stock everything in all colours?

Over the past few years Brompton have massively increased the colour options available, and have branched in to more exotic colour combinations like the nine streets red/blue blend in candy powder coat, with the odd sparkle or pearl sheen added over the top of a base colour too. We can’t stock them all but we can match nearly all colours using the same powders Brompton use. We use an external powder coating firm, and their business model is to have a minimum order quantity of £20 + VAT (£24). This means that we need 4 people to request a particular colour for the minimum order to be fulfilled.

Over time we hope to be able to stock more and more colours, but for now the waitlist will allow you to reserve a colour, and we’ll contact you when enough Brommie owners want the same.

I don’t want to wait, I want my colour choice now!

If you can’t wait/won’t wait, email us and we’ll make any product in any colour if you pay the £24 powder coating charge: [email protected]